Bypass for Extended Security Updates of Windows Seven Unveiled

Bypass for Extended Security Updates of Windows Seven Unveiled

Microsoft has a fixed approach when it comes to discarding the older PC operating systems launched by it. The tech giant makes many efforts to woo the users of older operating systems to newer ones, initially. When that does not work on a section of users, the official support, as well as security updates for the older OS, are slowly stopped. However, in some cases, the validity of support and updates is extended to smoothen migration to newer OSes. Now that Microsoft wants the Windows users to start using windows 10, it plans to stop support for the aging Windows 7. The Windows 7 users will not get support from Microsoft after January 14th, 2020- as per the sources. Only the small business and Enterprise users will still get extended support for three more years. A bypass for overriding this extended support has appeared on the horizon, which will ensure other windows seven users will also get the same benefits.

The extended support for Windows 7 is official for a section of users who possess licensed copies of the popular OS. The new hack lest the other Windows 7 users bypass the limitations. The users who want to obtain the hack should visit the MDL (My digital life) forum. There they can get a small archive that is required for the bypass. It will work on Windows 7 Home, Starter, and Ultimate editions.

The MDL community has made a tool that overrides the ESU key check process. While the hack seems like a good thing for Windows 7 users willing to bypass the limitations of ESU, it is better to adopt a wait and approach. Microsoft may try to thwart the bypass around the day of ending support for Windows 7. The Extended Security Updates for Windows 7 is, after all, a paid service. Based on which version you have, it may be necessary to churn out an amount starting from $25 to $200 for each PC. However, Microsoft never succeeded in securing Windows license keys in the past, which is why millions of PCs still run on pirated versions of Windows.

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